A downloadable BUG for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was developed as part of a two-month student project at Enjmin school. See the credits below.
Thank you for playing, please leave a comment below if you like it or if you want to let us know something !

In BUG, you play as a computer virus infiltrating a biomechanical city corrupted by bugs. In this shoot ‘em up, you must hack your ennemies to get their abilities and destroy them. Progress through the level and survive waves of insectoids !

Kill ennemies to get hack power, hack ennemies to increase your multiplier!
The more you hack, the more you score!


Mouse control only :

  • Move with your mouse.
  • Left click to attack (shoot or charge).
  • Right click to start hacking, left click to validate your target.


François CANDELA - Programmer :  Website
Thomas GIRO - Programmer : itch.io profile

Michel COUGNAUD - 3D Artist : Website
Danton Slip - 2D Artist : Website - itch.io profile

Malo DALMIER - Game designer : Twitter Profile
Jonas DUTOUQUET - Game designer : LinkedIn profile

Sara JAAFAR - UX/UI designer : itch.io profile

Aurélien DEMEYSound designer :  Website

Mathieu CIBAT - Producer : LinkedIn profile


BUG_Win64.zip 47 MB
BUG_MacOS.zip 54 MB
Bug_Linux.zip 53 MB

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